How to dress during early spring?


Thursday 1 March 2018

Although the spring is right around the corner, the temperatures still fail to spoil us. So how can we highlight our spring mood in the outfit, not running the risk of freezing oneself at the same time on the way to work or on the family walk?

– In tricky moments between the seasons the best solution would be to combine warm clothes with the lighter ones and dress up in layers – says Barbara Murza, the stylist of the Wrocław Fashion Outlet. But how can we stay stylish, if we dress “like an onion”? – A jacket with a sweater underneath is an undisputed fashion classic, both in female and male versions –Barbara Murza adds. – Light knitwear sweaters make an additional “warming layer” and a higher degree of elegance for those daily wearing jeans. They must be thin and fit enough to lay perfectly under the jacket.

While choosing a spring sweater, it is worth paying attention to the material it is made of. Unusual softness, resistance to folding and durability are characteristic for sweaters made of wool of Kashmir goats, called cashmere. Shopping at the Wrocław Fashion Outlet is a perfect opportunity to find the goods made of this exclusive material at exceptionally low prices.

What about the Outdoor Clothes?

Early spring is also the time for having fun with the outdoor clothes. Temperature fluctuations create an opportunity for wearing trenches, jackets and raincoats. Long wool overcoats would be perfect for colder days. An oversized raincoat is loved by those women who like to feel comfortable in their outdoor clothes – notes Barbara Murza. A textile backpack (still the fashionable alternative for a purse) or a small purse would be quite a stylish supplement. A simple line of the raincoat can be completed with patterned accessories! A Marc O’Polo camel-coloured woollen coat can be topped up with a shirt with an intense flower pattern – at 50% of its regular price at the Wrocław Fashion Outlet! The Wrocław outlet shop of this German brand also presents a wide range of leather purses and high-quality accessories, which will perfectly complete the whole outfit.

And how shall we react to a sudden warming? – Early spring is the best time for refreshing the leather jackets – says Barbara Murza. We can create a very stylish set by combining our favourite t-shirt with an iconic unisex rocker jacket. This jacket model, typical for the 1970s, can be used both in a sports’ and an elegant outfit. The years of the 1970s can be seen in other trends of the season – the disco-style metallic glitter constantly remains on top too. Golden, silver and copper bomber jackets would be a great choice for warmer sunny days. They can be found, in particular, in the Levi store.

Give Colour to the Accessories!

In this time of year, we can play with colourful accessories – points out Barbara Murza, the stylist of the Wrocław Fashion Outlet, – Brighter colours of scarves, kerchiefs, belts or bonnets will easily replace the winter ones, obscure and conservative. So, which colours we can have fun with this season?


Bright yellow-green shade is a true energy bomb, which will give citrus freshness to any outfit.


This season is the game with the whole spectrum of this colour – delicate rose lavender gives romance and softness, while darker shades, dropping to purple violet, will make a good supplement for rather mature outfits.


This year’s spring is the domination of the cherry tomato, emitting warmth due to a touch of expressive orange. It can be found, in particular, in Kazar – daring booties with a 50% price reduction can be hunted for only 284 PLN.

Men’s Style with Lancerto

Spring also means such festive occasions as the Women’s Day and Easter. It is worth getting prepared for important moments well in advance! It is extremely easy at the Wrocław Fashion Outlet – a complete outfit for family events can be found i.e. at Lancerto. Meet the selection made by our stylist Barbara Murza!

Men’s shirt

100% made of cotton, an Oxford weaver shirt provides optimal airiness. The semi-cutaway collar, considered as the classiest, in its turn, will easily hide beneath the jacket lapels due to its open facing-strips.    

Men’s sweater

The V-neck sweater is 100% made of cotton, giving a pleasant feel. Due to its lightness and fit, it will be easily adjusted under the jacket.


The checked navy jacket with the big opening will be a good choice for informal family meetings. It will give lightness to the outfit, keeping the elegance at the same time. Its contrasting brown buttons will perfectly match brown leather shoes.


Jeans of this simple design will interact well with other, more elegant details. Dark shades of blue and navy would match the jackets better.


The stylish outfit will be complete with brown Derby shoes. 100% made of natural calfskin, they will become your good companions at both formal and informal events.