How to choose the perfect pair?


Saturday 12 May 2018

Spring is the time of various opportunities and activities! To enjoy each and every one of them, choose the shoes which will serve you and meet your expectations. Together with our stylist Barbara Murza, we have prepared several practical pieces of advice which will help you find the pair you have been dreaming of – especially during the week of exclusive shoe promotions prepared for you from 28 April to 6 May in the Wrocław Fashion Outlet.


Just right for warmer days

Espadrilles, being once the traditional shoes of Catalan peasants did not particularly stand out. Today they are available in many variations, including different colours, and have become the shoes widely worn during the summer season. They are associated with the sun and leisure. The classic espadrilles are slip-on, although laced-up models, reminding us of sneakers, become more and more common. These summer shoes perfectly match the marine style, making it an ideal supplement to many city stylings as well. They will look splendidly with light jeans, short shorts, linen trousers or cotton chinos – with rolled-up legs, naturally. Are you looking for more inspirations for the espadrilles? You will find many, particularly, in our store Pepe Jeans, which offers you an additional 20% discount from the outlet shoes price – if you buy a minimum of two pairs of shoes!

Subtlety on the Feet

Are you looking for comfortable shoes? It is worth considering choosing the moccasins. The ones of the driving mocs type are among the most comfortable shoes for the spring-summer season. Made of delicate leather, they have a characteristic sole, consisting of several dozens of little rubber balls. – They are noted for incredible comfort and lightness – adds Barbara Murza, the stylist of the Wrocław Fashion Outlet – If made well, they should fold in two without damaging the sole. This type of moccasins is worn on bare feet or unseen “no-show” socks. Thin cotton chinos, light-colour jeans, short trousers and summer dresses fit the driving moccasins the best. The penny loafers type moccasins, commonly known as weejuns, will be a perfect solution for those looking for shoes, which combine elegance with informal ease. They are based on a thin leather sole with a heel. This is the ideal proposition for an elegant garden party. These shoes will fit well both informal summer and smart casual suits. We have found a lot of interesting moccasins in the Gino Rossi shop at the Wrocław Fashion Outlet, which has prepared an additional 50% discount for the second pair between 28 April and 6 May!

Iconic and at Ease

Comfort and ease for the feet are provided by popular plimsolls and sneakers. These represent an iconic and universal type of shoes, which the majority of us store in our cupboards in different colours and varieties. Plimsolls are perfect for those who love long spring walks. They are great for informal meetings in the garden and ideal for the trips through the “city jungle”.  – For many years plimsolls have preserved their popularity in men’s fashion and are widely worn by men of any age – explains Barbara Murza. The slip-on plimsolls combine comfort not only with ease but with modern design as well. They are perfect for those who want to have a more stylish look! An alternative for the plimsolls, also combining fashion with comfort, are sneakers, which have a stylish look both with jeans and an evening dress. The most courageous men began to wear them even with outlet suits! During the week of shoe discounts at the Wrocław Fashion Outlet additional price reduction for sports models were prepared by such top sports brands as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse and Umbro Lotto!

The Foundation of Elegance

Exclusive events require a respective framework. Such celebrations as weddings, baptisms, communions or distinguished anniversaries oblige, while the shoes are the part of clothes which gives the final character to our outfit. The choice of the shoes depends on the reception’s level of formality. The simplest rule says that the fewer decorations the shoe have, the more formal and elegant it is. Shoes are worn with an official suit, such as the one for the wedding ceremony. Must be made of high-quality leather, well-kept and have the proper style. The classic Oxford shoes often referred to as Balmorals, are considered to be the most formal. The Derby shoes, also called Gibsons, which are put on a pedestal for their comfort in wearing, can be put on with a more official suit given that they are made of high-quality leather, have thin sole, hard heel and are evenly black. Absolutely elegant shoes can be found at the Wrocław Fashion Outlet i.e. in the Albione store, which offers an additional 50% discount applied to outlet prices of selected models of shoes from 28 April to 6 May, or in the Lancerto shop, where we might find the shoes for a suit for only 199 PLN!

Highlight your Femininity

Stiletto heels can highlight the advantages of the female figure and add some chic to the outfit, however, within this season they often descend “one floor down”. The fashionable version is the shoes with the heels not exceeding 5.5 cm in height. Those with decorative laces around the ankle are the most desirable. A small comfortable heel will satisfy all ladies planning spring receptions. In the search of interesting inspirations at bargain prices, it is worth visiting our Kazar or Mohito stores!

Find Your Perfect Pair!

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