In VENEZIA you'll find stylish footwear and leather accessories for women and moen. The brand is known for modern and elegant design and its attention to detail, that's why it sustained clients' acclaim for more than 20 years. 


VENEZIA combines sophisticated elegance with modern and edgy design. VENEZIA's designers take inspiration from timeless classics to reinterpret it through the lens of latest fashion trends.  The brand is made for those who care about aesthetics and want to express their personality through fashion. 


Every season VENEZIA's clients can choose between almost 2500 women's and 1000 men's shoes. Their common factors are innovative design, high quality materials and attention to detail. VENEZIA collections have their own signature style and are inspired by the latest trends.


Since the beginning of VENEZIA over 20 years ago, the brand has become one of the leading footwear retailers in the country and have sustained acclaim from its cutomers. The first VENEZIA boutique have been opened in 1996.

Graniczna 2, 54-610 Wrocław Tel: +48 71 349 67 33