Lee Wrangler


Born Ready is the job Wrangler has been doing since 1947 blending style and functionality. That first collection was designed for cowboys: denim products that helped them feel Born Ready for life in the saddle. Today, our products have been reinvented for the modern consumer, designing jeans with cutting-edge style that still delivers ultimate performance whatever the occasion. We keep you warm in the cold, dry in the wet and free to enjoy everyday adventures. Wearing Wrangler jeans, shirts and jackets you feel Born Ready for anything life throws at you.As with other companies producing denim clothing, the history of this brand dates back to the Wild West. Thanks to its wealth of experience, the company skilfully links classic styles with new trends in fashion. The brand stores offer, above all, a wide variety of jeans, and also jackets, skirts, sweaters, shoes, and shirts.

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