Hi-Tec is a brand that supports the active ones in achieving their heights since 1974 - those first and hundredth heights, those lowest and highest, those literal mountain heights and those sport ones. 

We know that physical activity is not only a passion and pleasure, but it's also a challenge, a struggle with your own weaknesses and adversities of nature. That's why we constantly come up with solutions that make your road safer, your effort more comfortable and protect you from adverse weather conditions. Discover technologies that we use in our products. 

Hi-Tec was established in Great Britain, but now is available all over the world. Hi-Tec provides clothing and footwear for running, squash, golf and trekking. In Poland Hi-Tec is focused on outdoor clothing for amateurs of mountain trips. Its products are available at Martes Sport retail network, which is an official brand representative in this country. 

Graniczna 2, 54-610 Wrocław